How to Disable McAfee Firewall from the Mac Operating System?

In this digital world, all the users are directly or indirectly related to the technology. So, while you are surfing the internet or open some unauthorized website, then some unknown viruses are attacked on your system. There are various types of viruses and malware infection which includes Spyware, Adware, Trojan and many more. Due to highly increasing online threats and cyber crimes you need to install the antivirus software on your system. The McAfee is providing best antivirus with the latest and enhanced features around the world.

McAfee, antivirus security suite, is also including McAfee firewall. The motive of designing is to block the trespassers such as hackers and docks-scanners from gaining access to your computer system. Due to its integrated security features, it can regularly interfere with the installation of applications and software suites.

To disable McAfee Firewall from the Mac operating system, you need to follow some steps. The steps we provide you are very less time-consuming and take fewer efforts. For disabling the McAfee firewall, you need any technical support then dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support or visit www.mcafee-com/activate to get instant support from the team of McAfee.

Steps to Disable McAfee Firewall from the Mac Operating System

We try to provide you very simple and less time-consuming steps which surely saves your much time, but only if you follow the steps in ascending order. The steps are mentioning below-

  1. Click on the McAfee sign. It’s the white colored “M” appear in the top-right corner of your Mac’s menu bar option.
  • If you didn’t identify this sign, then click on the amplifying glass option which is given in the top-right corner, and type the word “McAfee”, and then click on the Internet Security button.
  1. Then, click on the Total Protection Console option.
  2. Click on the Home button.
  3. Then, click on the gear option. Appear on the top-right corner of the Home button.
  4. Click on the Real-Time Scanning option. It’s available on the top of the gear scroll-down menu.
  5. Then, Disable Real-Time Scanning, follow the steps to disable the real-time scanning:
  6. Click on the lock button.
  7. Enter your administrator password associated with Mac and click on the OK button.
  8. Then, click on the Real-Time Scanning button.
  9. Finally, close the Real-Time Scanning window on your system.
  10. Again, click on the gear option, and then click on the Firewall.
  11. Disable the McAfee’s Firewall, You need to do in the alike way you disabled the Real-Time Scanning.
  12. Again, you need to click on the gear button, then click on the Automatic Updates option.
  13. Finally, click to disable all automatic updates from the Mac.
  14. you need to click on the gear icon again and then click on the Scheduled scans.
  15. Enter your administrator credentials and click on the OK button to continue
  16. Then, click on the Weekly scroll-down box.
  • If the option doesn’t appear, click on the Scheduled scans button, appears near the top of the page.
  1. Click on the Never button.
  2. Finally, close the settings window.
  3. The Mac’s McAfee program should now be completely disabled from your Mac operating system.

While continuing the process if you need any technical support regarding disabling the McAfee Firewall from Mac operating system, then get in touch with the McAfee customer support. The McAfee expert’s are certified technicians and available 24*7 to assist you. For instant help, dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support or visit

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