McAfee Official Says that India Needs a More Protected Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Though India has become more dynamic when it comes to the cybersecurity, the nation needs to place all the sections together to protect the businesses through a more protected cybersecurity ecosystem, one of the top executives from cybersecurity firm McAfee has worried about it.

Ian Yip, the Chief Technology Officer, the Asia Pacific at McAfee said to the IANS that India is cooperating a lot with the neighbors, and also synchronizing with them through the strategic MoUs on cybersecurity but few things which need to be patched that be able to respond better and faster to the cyber attacks.
In a recently released report by the Australian Security Policy Institute, India globally ranked 10th on the cybersecurity.

Ian Yip also added that the 10th rank worldwide is not that awful and there is also a room for improvement. India is in a superior place to make those improvements by collaborating with all the stakeholders including some of the cybersecurity firms.

Now, India has the National Cyber Coordination Centre, apart from the general computer emergency response team (CERT) and a separate CERT for the protection of the Banking, Financial services, and the Insurance (BFSI) sectors.

According to the Ina Yip, now there is a full-fledged inferior market with the cybercrime as a service which helps the cybercriminals influence capabilities from the associate attackers and also uses some advanced malware techniques to target the enterprises.

Ina Yip also mentions that the Cyber attackers can use more advanced techniques. There is one inferior market with cybercrime as a service, where they can leverage the capability of some other criminals into the attack of mechanisms

Apart from increasing the ransomware attacks, now the crypto jacking is a big threat to the companies.

the executive said that Cryptocurrency mining is growing regularly and owing to the increase in the cryptocurrency worth.

Cryptojacking is much more harmful to the individuals and businesses than some ransomware because it raises the cost of ransom.

Recently, a latest McAfee report said that the fourth quarter of 2017 is saying a spike in the Bitcoin value by driving the cybercriminals to focus on the cryptocurrency hijacking through a wide variety of methods. And it was defined by quick cybercriminal adoption of the newer schemes and tools.

According to the Ina Yip, the next big wave of innovation in the cybersecurity solution is Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and Machine Learning (ML).

There is critical need to automate, integrate, and orchestrate as much of the security infrastructure as possible among the skill shortage. Now, the Cyber attackers are also trying to influence the potential of New-Age technologies.

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