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McAfee MAV Retailcard – Activate McAfee Online – McAfee Activate

McAfee McAfee antivirus offers intelligent security features that protect your data on cloud memory and on other devices as well. Be it a computer or any other device, the service of real-time protection is quite good for each and every one of the compatible devices.

With McAfee Antivirus, one can eliminate the risk of surfing unsafe websites and from installing the file that are set to auto-download. However, in order to unlock high-end internet protection program, you need to install it and to activate the antivirus on your computer. For more, you can visit the Now, you need to know about the features of the McAfee antivirus.

Features of McAfee MAV Retail Card

Scan Your PC :– You can let you run a quick, full, or custom scan to eliminate viruses, spyware, and other threats on your PC.

Real-Time Scanning — Scans your files, programs, email, and IMs for threats each time you or your PC uses them.

Scheduled Scanning — Sets up periodic full scans of your PC.

Web and Email protection     

Personal Firewall — Protects your PC against hackers who can hijacks your PC or steal your personal information.

Anti-Spam — Stops junk mail and phishing attacks from invading your inbox.

SiteAdvisor— Provides site safety ratings and reports so you know which sites are safe which aren’t — before you visit them.

SiteAdvisor Plus — Provides site safety ratings and reports — plus it checks links in your email and instant messages to keep you safe while you socialize online.

Data Protection and Backup: If you have AntiVirus Plus, the protection drawer appears as Data Protection. 

Anti-Theft — Lets you lock files in secure digital vaults on your PC — so only you can get to them.

Online Backup — Getting an online backup for this can save your most important files online. In this,  you can get to them from anywhere at any time.

Shredder — Helps you permanently erase sensitive information from your PC.

Steps to Download McAfee MAV Retail Card on Your Computer

1.       Open a web browser and visit

2.      On the home page, you will see a field below asking to Enter your 25-digit activation code’,

3.       Type the code down

4.      Confirm the code and then click on the Submit button.

5.      You will then redirected to McAfee login page, enter your account credentials in their respective fields

6.      Login with your account or create one if you don’t have any.

7.      Enter all the required details and Click  on “I AGREE”

8.     Recheck the details and hit the submit button to continue the process

9.      Once prompted to your profile, find the product you have the subscription of and click on it

10.  If asked, select your device type

11.   Under the product, you will see Download your software option.

12.  Click on that and download the software on your computer.

Steps to Install McAfee MAV retail Card on your Computer

1.       Double-click on the McAfee file you recently downloaded

2.      Now, you need to run the file as administrator and if your device asks for permission, enter your Admin password and allow the access

3.      A page having complete terms and conditions agreement will appear on the screen.

4.      Click on the Agree button.

5.      When prompted, you need to enter your McAfee activation key code if asked and submit

6.      Now, you can follow the instructions wait till the software is being installed on your device

7.      After a short wait of 5 minute. The security software will be successfully installed on your device.

Make sure that you are activating the subscription to maintain the level of safety for your computer.

You can also install the product on multiple devices depending on the subscription you have. Follow the steps and activate the subscription using your McAfee license key code.

Steps to Activate McAfee on Your Computer

1.       Visit and enter your McAfee MAV Retail card activation code

2.      Click on the submit button.

3.      Login to your McAfee account

4.      After that, select your product

5.      If you see an enabled activate button under your McAfee product.

6.       Click on it for McAfee Activate

If you are unable to find a activate button, it means that your McAfee antivirus has already been activated and you don’t need to do any further thing.